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Giovanni Paolone Fotografo Matrimonio Teramo Abruzzo
Giovanni Paolone - Fotografo a Teramo Abruzzo, Fotografo Matrimoni Teramo e Abruzzo, Fotografo Matrimoni Abruzzo in provincia di Teramo, Giovanni Paolone.
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When I meet new engaged couples who are looking for what their photographer will be, I always end up talking about the value of the wedding album. Obviously I am not referring to an economic value, but to an emotional value that goes beyond any discourse on prices and budgets. A value that is much more important, because it concerns that emotional sphere of which memories are part. It is as if those memories found their natural place in the wedding album. Leafing through that book, in fact, it is as if the same sensations experienced during that wonderful day come back to mind. The faces, the smiles, the tears of joy, the precious details that made that day “your” day.

These emotions need a material support that protects them and keeps them intact, protected from the passage of time.






My attention falls precisely on this aspect: the importance of printing in the photographic field. Accustomed as we are to taking thousands of photographs with our mobile phones, we have lost that wonderful attitude of waiting, of dwelling on the vivid memory precisely because it is printed on paper. The new generations may not know the magic of when we shot with film cameras and we had to wait a week for the photo lab to develop and print them. It was like a practice of initiation into remembrance. We were all aware that those moments, impressed on film, would be for eternity, precisely because photography speaks the language of forever thanks above all to printing.

For this reason, I always say that a wedding album is a concrete investment in your memories. Nothing more.





There are several types of wedding albums to choose from. Obviously, the yardstick should be based on the quality of the materials that will be used. I’m talking about photographic paper, natural fabrics, elegant coordinated cases. I do not dwell on the cheap products that, unfortunately, many photographers offer to their couples, sometimes believing they are doing them a favor, offering them at bargain prices, sometimes doing themselves a favor, keeping their price low. This is a decidedly misleading and wrong practice, precisely because the exact opposite is true: a wedding album should be the main element through which to convey an emotion, a smile, a moment of joy.

It is essentially a precious object and as such must be offered to the customer. My advice is to entrust your memories with a support that goes well with the value you give to your experience and to avoid buying cheap and poor quality products. This is because, as I always repeat, the album is something that must last for eternity and giving it the right value means giving the right value to that love story that is told in it.





For example, I only propose wedding albums that reflect my photographic style in some way. I love simple things that are at the same time elegant, refined, that is, have a soul and that soul is clearly visible.

For this reason, all my ART BOOKS are made in my small bindery. This is because, since the beginning of my business, I felt the need to share the uniqueness of an artisanal product with my customers. My intention has always been to make them feel an active part of the whole process of realization.

Taking care of the whole creative process, therefore, allows me to give back to the customer a unique product, made to measure, just like a dress sewn on the memory of an unforgettable day.





Surely you are also wondering, after seeing these ART BOOKS, how much a photo shoot will cost you. Maybe you love my photographic style, love my colors and my black and white. You may also like me. However. There is always a but. And now I will try to disassemble piece by piece that “but” that could creep into your mind as you scroll through this article. And I immediately reconnect with the question I asked you at the very beginning: WHAT VALUE ARE YOUR MEMORIES?

This is not a trivial question. Indeed, if we want it is THE QUESTION. The only question you should ask yourself as you frantically search for your photographer. I’ll tell you a secret: a good photographer doesn’t just take photographs, or rather, not only. A good photographer takes care of memories, makes visible what is not visible, grabs emotions and makes them shareable, eternalizing them in your memory and in the memory of your loved ones. A good photographer does this. Everything else is just volume, critical mass, indistinct chatter. And if they will appease you with technical terms, with words such as “reportage”, “storytelling”, “fine art”, “young and dynamic staff” it means that they are the first to not understand what it means to do this job. And if they haven’t understood it, how do you think they can make you understand it?

A good photographer is the one who knows how to put you at ease in every situation, who knows how to tell the best of your most important day, but also and above all the one who can offer quality and professionalism, even from the first bars of an appointment. In short, a good photographer will have to follow you all day and will have to pamper you in the previous months and days. While, in the period following the wedding, he will always have to remain in contact with you, involving you, making you feel an integral part of the entire creative process.

At least that’s what I do.





In my small bindery nearby the Gran Sasso d’Italia, I produce several models of ART BOOK. The substantial difference between each of them lies in both the choice of the fabric of the covers and the type of photographic paper on which your photos will be printed. Each ART BOOK bears the name of one of the Pleiades, also known as The Seven Sisters, a group of stars from the constellation of Taurus, as well as figures from Greek mythology. In this article I explain why I chose these names.

Here are the main models in the catalog:



Art Book 30×30 (12″x 12″) with cover in Natural Linen fabric, warm tone and rough to the touch.




Art Book 30×30 (12″x 12″) with cover in Natural Linen fabric, cold tone and smooth to the touch.




Art Book 30×30 (12″x 12″) with cover in linen fabric mixed with cotton, with a delicate rough effect to the touch.




Art Book 30×30 (12″x 12″) with cover in Natural Linen fabric mixed with cotton, cold tone and fine warp.




Art Book 30×30 (12″x 12″) with cover in Shantung fabric, with horizontal warp and velvety to the touch.




Art Book 30×30 (12″x 12″) with removable cover in leather and photographic paper for artistic applications.




Art Book 20×20 (8″x 8″) with cover in Natural Linen fabric mixed with cotton. Suitable for Family Portrait, where moments of family life are told. You can see some examples here.