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Giovanni Paolone Fotografo Matrimonio Teramo Abruzzo
Giovanni Paolone - Fotografo a Teramo Abruzzo, Fotografo Matrimoni Teramo e Abruzzo, Fotografo Matrimoni Abruzzo in provincia di Teramo, Giovanni Paolone.
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Giovanni Paolone

I’m an Exclusive Wedding Photographer renowned for my ability to weave captivating narratives and capture fleeting moments with unparalleled authenticity.

My photography journey began years ago, traversing the globe with my trusty film camera, driven by an insatiable thirst for exploration. However, the realization that true enrichment lies not in the destinations themselves but in the return home ultimately shaped my path. After years of adventures spanning Sarajevo to Burkina Faso, I found my calling in the wedding industry, drawn to the profound significance of documenting love stories.

Viewing each opportunity to serve as a wedding photographer as a profound honor, I approache my craft with an unwavering dedication to immortalize every raw emotion. My upbringing with film cameras infuses my work with a distinctive charm, creating timeless images that resonate with authenticity.

From the outset, I sought to offer my clients a truly personalized experience, actively involving them in the creative process. For me, the most rewarding aspect of my work is witnessing my clients’ joy and preserving their happiness for posterity through my lens.

As a wedding photographer based in Central Italy, my passion lies in capturing the essence of joyous occasions and translating them into everlasting memories. My photographs serve as windows to the past, allowing couples to relive their particular day’s magic repeatedly.

I have been published in specialized magazines and blogs specialized in the wedding industry, such as Wed Vibes or Rock My Wedding.

My photographs wants to show an emotional approach that knows how to make each story unique and that’s why I prefer to consider myself like an artisan of the image. As an artisan, I prefer to take care of the whole creative process, from shooting to binding. This is why I love doing everything by myself: all the photobooks that I propose, as well as the precious boxes that integrate them, are made in my small atelier in Abruzzo, Central Italy. I only use photo-papers and preciuos fabrics for covers and boxes. The materials they use are mainly linen and silk. Here you can take a look at my ART BOOKS.