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Italian Weddings Photographer. I will tell your love story in the most natural way, giving to you unique and immortal images. No cheesy poses, but only the story of your unforgettable, intimate and romantic day.
Italian Wedding Photographer
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As a Central-Italy Wedding Photographer, I love to see happy people. And I want to transmit that happiness in the eternal memory of every wedding through my photographs. That photographs give back to you every emotion and sensation, so you can live those moments once again and again every time you look at it. I’m a storyteller and I love to be part of every wedding from start to finish, to catch precious moments and emotions in the most natural way. No cheesy poses, but only the story of your unique and unforgettable day.





I’ve always loved telling stories. As a child I had a typewriter and I enjoyed inventing strange characters, finding inspiration in the things around me. Somewhere I still have those little, strange stories, written to make the boring rainy afternoons pass faster. Already in those days the challenge was to tell a well-defined story in a few pages, two or three at the most. I don’t know why I did it, but I remember that I enjoyed it a lot.





I think I have sewn on myself this predisposition to synthesis, so much so that for me everything could be the subject of a story: a perfume, a sensation, a small glow of light.
For this reason, I always try to carry this LESS IS MORE philosophy also into my work, too often polluted by useless and misleading elements. And I try to educate my clients in this more “artisanal” approach, where what really matters are the emotions, not the numbers or the technique. Preferring quality over quantity is, for me, the crux of every photo shoot.





In fact, photography, from being an “artisan” profession, is turning into a “serial” profession, almost like an assembly line, too often contaminated by a wrong approach, in which numbers are preferred and not emotions, the breathtaking photos to the full story.

As an ARTISAN, what I have always done is to eliminate too common settings, focusing on the emotional and intimate aspect that that particular story suggests to me. I’ve been doing this since I was just a kid with an old red typewriter. And I like to believe that there is a lot of that child in the photographs I return to you.


Abito da sposa


Therefore, if you are looking for an “assembly line” photographic studio, that type of studio in which several people work, each with a specific task, with a more “industrial” working method and an approach in which you do not you are but a number, I don’t think I can do for you.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a wedding photographer in Abruzzo or in the rest of Italy who really knows what it means to be a craftsman, who has a modern and recognizable style and who does not pre-pack photos in a standardized way and, lastly, you want your photos to make you smile every time you look at them, I’m the right person.


Il bouquet




As a Central-Italy Wedding Photographer, I work mainly in Italy, but I travel everywhere, so if you decide to get married in a dream place in some remote corner of the planet, I would be happy to be there with you.

My intent is to capture every precious detail through my personal way of seeing the world, my passion and boundless love for my work.


I don’t define myself just as a Central-Italy Wedding Photographer based in Abruzzo, but rather a craftsman who takes care of your memories, packaging them in an elegant and refined way. This is because a good photographer does not only take photographs. A good photographer takes care of memories, makes visible the invisible, grasps emotions and makes them shareable, eternalizing them in your memory and in the memory of your loved ones. A good photographer does this.


My works have been published on some of the most important megazines and blogs in the sector, such as Rock My Wedding. You can see the latest work published here.





Keep your memories. Because they are the color with which you paint your story, the indelible ink with which you tell it. They are the deep furrow of the things you have loved, of the happy days you have lived, of the sunsets you have admired. Memories are the voice of the little things, which lives within you, all the time.


If you are looking for a photographer with a modern style and want that your photos will give back a smile whenever you look at it, I’m the right person.
I’m based in Italy, but I love to travel worldwide. So, if you decide to get married in a breathtaking location in a remote corner of the planet, I’d be happy to be there with you.
I will catch every precious detail with my vision, my passion and my love for what I do.
Feel free to enjoy slideshow above, to give a look at my stories, to send me an e-mail or give me a call.
I will be happy to know your plans.