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Giovanni Paolone Fotografo Matrimonio Teramo Abruzzo
Giovanni Paolone - Fotografo a Teramo Abruzzo, Fotografo Matrimoni Teramo e Abruzzo, Fotografo Matrimoni Abruzzo in provincia di Teramo, Giovanni Paolone.
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Una giornata in famiglia - A Family Day

A Family Day

Seaside Happiness


Unposed Family Portrait


Photography is a tangible memory, an instant inside another instant, more lasting and eternal. It’s the only way we have, in fact, to stop time. It allows us to lead our memory, rediscovering our roots, our most beautiful moments. An opportunity to make a memory eternal is this unposed family portrait. It ‘a shooting session that I called “A family day” and can be done at sea, during a walk through the woods or simply during a breakfast at home.

I always give this example to all my clients: if we wanted to look for photos of our childhood or even photos of our parent’s wedding, we would know exactly where to look. In fact, there is a place in every home, which is the place of memory. Mine, for example, is a wardrobe with an invaluable amount of boxes. In them are kept the photographs of whole life (birthday parties, simple family moments). That’s, there’s something tangible, material, to touch.

If one day, our children or our grandchildren wanted to see how they were as children, when they took their first steps in the world or their first day at school, they wouldn’t know where to start. This because those memories are lost between pixels and gigabytes, between binary codes and hard-disk, corruptible over time. The era of smartphones has transformed this magic, in fact, into something ephemeral and weightless.

We take photographs and immediately afterwards we forget to have done them because we can no longer give value to this wonderful practice.

“A family day” is an opportunity to have authentic photographs without necessarily losing the naturalness and spontaneity of wonderful moments.

This is the story of Leo, Diego and Emma Summer during an afternoon spent together with their family by the seaside.