Wedding at Ripari di Giobbe | Giovanni Paolone | Fotografo di matrimonio in Abruzzo
Giovanni Paolone Fotografo Matrimonio Teramo Abruzzo
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Chiara e Stefano ai Ripari di Giobbe

Wedding at Ripari di Giobbe




Chiara and Stefano’s wedding at Ripari di Giobbe is the result of a teamwork. In fact, a wedding is the latest chapter in a meticulous organization, in which all the elements must be perfectly coordinated. All the elements must find their natural harmony. The planning and organization is the hidden part, without which there is the risk of obtaining a different result from what the couple had in mind. This means that everything, from floral desing to catering, from lighting to video, from the natural scenario to the photographs, must be in tune with the concept that has been designed.

Nothing is left to chance and when there are magical places, hidden under corners of the sky, where water and earth come together, which frame your work, everything becomes easier. Ripari di Giobbe is a part of the municipality of Ortona, in Abruzzo Region, and is located on a promontory overlooking one of the beaches of the Costa dei Trabocchi shoreline. It is one of those places that you carry in your heart, treasures you knew as a child and which, together with others, have sculpted your imagination. For this reason, Chiara and Stefano’s wedding at Ripari di Giobbe was something wonderful. Because everything, from the details to the natural scenario, told a story, which is the personal story of Chiara and Stefano.



Details have always played a primary role in my photographs. And I don’t like trends, fashion impositions. If you like something, you like it because you feel it is yours and not because someone else has suggested it to you. And that’s why, when I work with real professionals in wedding industry, everything becomes easier. Because, if you have passion and talent, fashions are useless. The beauty of this work is that we have a material to shape in our hands and that, as artisans, we must make sure that this material is unique and unrepeatable. Telling a story, like Chiara and Stefano’s wedding at Ripari di Giobbe, requires passion, dedication, primary skills and not an ordinary vision. And I’m not talking about photographic style. I am not interested in labels, technicalities, classifications. My intent has always been to make visible those emotions that are the natural nourishment of memories, to make them eternal.



Memories don’t age, but they survive us. They talk about us and what we have been. And there will come a day when our children will be the same age we are now and, in scrolling through the photos that portray us, young and beautiful and with all their lives still to be fulfilled, they will discover, once and for all, who they really are. This is because memories are the most important legacy we will leave them. They are the color with which we paint our personal story, the indelible ink with which we tell it. Memories are the deep furrow of the things we have loved, of the happy days we have lived, of all the starry skies we have admired. Memories are the voice of small things, which lives within us, continuously. 



Wedding and Design: Ilamalù

Floral Design: Anthea Studio

Photographer: Giovanni Paolone

Videographer: Emanuela De Filippi

Catering: Degusto eventi

Lights: Situ eventi

Venue: Ristorante Ripari di Giobbe