Wedding at Borgo Fonte Scura | Giovanni Paolone | Fotografo di matrimonio in Abruzzo
Giovanni Paolone Fotografo Matrimonio Teramo Abruzzo
Giovanni Paolone - Fotografo a Teramo Abruzzo, Fotografo Matrimoni Teramo e Abruzzo, Fotografo Matrimoni Abruzzo in provincia di Teramo, Giovanni Paolone.
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Tanita e Leonardo - Matrimonio a Borgo Fonte Scura

Wedding at Borgo Fonte Scura

Tanita e Leonardo


An invisible wire floating over eternity

Tanita and Leonardo’s wedding at Borgo Fonte Scura was magnificent. Enveloped by the sea breeze that reaches the hills close to the town of Silvi, this refined location holds a precious historical memory. It is an environment in harmony with nature, surrounded by the magical atmosphere of the Abruzzo countryside. A small jewel nestled on the crest of a hill overlooking the blue sea. Borgo Fonte Scura is a wonderful location that shows a delicate refinement, unique in its kind.

A wedding at Borgo Fonte Scura was exactly what Tanita and Leonardo dreamed of, because it was elegant, intimate and welcoming. The right location to celebrate their big day iwith their relatives and friends.

I met Tanita a few years ago while I was photographing the wedding of Beatrice and Andrea. She is a formidable make-up artist and that day she had the opportunity to appreciate my working method, discreet and never intrusive. I was enthusiastic when, a year later, she gave me the news that Leonardo had asked her to marry her. And that both wanted me as their photographer.

As all the couples who rely on me for their wedding photo shoot, in fact, Tanita and Leonardo also wanted natural and spontaneous photos, which would give them back the faithful memory of that day, also seasoned with romantic and intimate couple shots.

In fact, the part of a wedding that I prefer is definitely this. That is, when I can concentrate on the complicit intimacy that binds two people together, like an invisible wire floating over eternity. The making of this kinf of photographs during a wedding day doesn’t take much time. However, they are extremely important because they give a romatic touch to the photo shoot that it otherwise wouldn’t have. They are not posing photos, which I don’t like, but a moment of intimacy to be jealously guarded in your memories. Without betraying the naturalness of affectionate and tender gestures, such as a kiss on the cheek or a delicate caress.

I love local, territorial weddings, such as that of Tanita and Leonardo. Weddings where you can appreciate the hidden corners and jewels of your little world, involving the married couple who have trusted you in your research photographic vision. To keep the memory of their most important day.

This is a wedding at Borgo Fonte Scura. Thi is the story of Tanita and Leonardo.