Irene e Massimiliano - A Wedding by the Sea | Giovanni Paolone | Abruzzo Wedding Photographer
Scopri di più sul matrimonio di Irene e Massimiliano in riva al mare
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Irene e Massimiliano – A Wedding by the Sea

A Love that Resists

Irene and Massimiliano are the protagonist of  this wedding by the sea. The beach of Tortoreto Lido framed this sober and elegant wedding, which reflects the character of both.

Their story, as often happens, starts almost by chance. Both soldiers stationed in L’Aquila, they meet for work reasons. So they start to get to know each other in those long conversations that you can’t wait to get started and you never know when they’ll end. Because you want them never to end.

And so, after Massimiliano’s first step, the two started building their love day after day. It didn’t have to be a long time before they realized how each was becoming the other’s point of reference. And soon they realized that their love would be able to resist everything: even at the distance that their work, very often, forced them to have to endure. A love that resists, therefore, and that is strengthened, day after day. This feeling so intense and sincere, led them to live an unforgettable day, made of smiles and joy. Their wonderful families and their wonderful friends made that day unique and special.

Wherever one breathed love: in the looks between Irene and Massimiliano, in their speeches during the ceremony, in the intense kisses that the two exchanged immediately after their promises. Everything around them spoke that wonderful language that only lovers know and can understand: the language of the little things that fill everyday life, without which it would be less precious.

This is the story about that wonderful June afternoon, that love that resists and the little things all around.