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A Rock ‘n Roll Wedding

Anna e Graziano

A Rock ‘n Roll Wedding


If I have to find a title for the story of Anna and Graziano, it is exactly this: A ROCK ‘N ROLL WEDDING.

I have known Anna for a lifetime. We grew up in a small village near the Gran Sasso mountain, and therefore it is natural that we all know each other. We have been classmates in elementary and middle school, as well as neighbors for most of our lives. However, I know Graziano for other reasons, related to what my job was before entering full time in the world of wedding photography.

In fact, he is an excellent musician, who grew up with the blues in his soul and has now become one of the most interesting double bass players on the Italian rockabilly scene. As a drummer, it is natural that I have a certain affinity for bass players. Because together, drums and bass, they are the backbone of each band, the solid foundation on which to build everything else.

So, knowing both, I could imagine that theirs would be a real rock ‘n roll wedding. The fact that, then, the bride’s preparation ¬†took place in the house where Anna grew up and that, as I said, is a palm of the nose from the house where I grew up, made me think about how, after all, our lives have not changed so much.

After the ceremony, we went for a couple shots, to then reach Casale Santa Maria, where the party was set. I have always loved unusual, unusual places that hide stories all around. Also for Anna and Graziano I chose locations very close to the ceremony location and the restaurant. This is because there is no need to go too far or take hours for the couple shots. Because, in addition to the risk of delaying your time too much and keeping your guests waiting for no reason, you run another if we want much more dangerous: that is, to ruin YOUR party. There are numerous variables that could occur that day and among them, the “prima donna” photographer is not expected.

This is my philosophy. If you have not done so yet, here is an article in which I delve deeper into this fundamental aspect. Wedding photography is something tangible, material, that remains over time to give you back a memory that has an intrinsic value decidedly superior to anything else. For this reason it is important to choose a photographer who knows how to tell your story with discretion and never with unmotivated intrusiveness.