Matteo and Gaia | Giovanni Paolone | Fotografo di Matrimoni | Abruzzo Wedding Photographer
Giovanni Paolone Fotografo Matrimonio Teramo Abruzzo
Giovanni Paolone - Fotografo a Teramo Abruzzo, Fotografo Matrimoni Teramo e Abruzzo, Fotografo Matrimoni Abruzzo in provincia di Teramo, Giovanni Paolone.
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Matteo and Gaia

Matteo and Gaia: a young couple whose love story began only recently. They live in a city, but are in love for the nature, for it is surrounded by wide open spaces, green fields, flowers and animals. Their spare time is often spent there, in the countryside, to escape from the city chaos and relax.

In a hot day of August, they stop the car by a big farm. Hand in hand, they walk past storages, granaries and burns sniffing the freshly cut grass smell. A place of light noises and hospitable people.

Time flies among kisses, loving gazes, caresses, walks, jokes, laughs, whispered promises of love and a daydreamed future. They are very sweet, and the factory animals are intrigued by their presence.

Gaia, who loves flowers, picks them up in a big bunch to adorn a small table carried for the occasion; Matteo harvests a pair of green pears instead. An unusual heavenly picnic with just a few things left to be done in order to make it perfect.

Whilst Matteo is setting the table, Gaia arranges the bunch of flowers; in a short while, everything will be ready.

Photography: Giovanni Paolone (Atlas Wedding Stories)
Planning & flowers – Design: CREAzionifatteaMANO
Location: Azienda Agricola Di Domenicantonio, Abruzzo (Italy)